A Phoenix Energy Audit can determine where your home or business is losing energy and is the first step to reduce your utility bills. Our trained professionals pair experience with specialized tools to pinpoint leaks, inefficient appliances, and so forth. Everything from an outdated HVAC unit to lack of attic insulation can cause energy bills to spike, in some cases it’s a combination of factors.

As a full-service energy solutions company, we are here to help you save money and improve the efficiency of your home or business in the Phoenix Valley.

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The Quiz

Find out if you need a Phoenix Energy Audit by answering the following 7 questions.

For each question, mark A, B, or C

1. Your energy bills are:

A. Too high and seem to be getting higher each year

B. Slightly higher than your neighbors but you might use more energy

C. In line with the average utility bills in your area

2. You are interested in reducing your ecological footprint

A. Very much so

B. I guess so

C. I don’t think so

3. When was your home built?

A. My home was built more than 10 years ago

B. My home was built within the last 5 to 10 years

C. My home was built in the last 5 years

4. Your home is difficult to cool off on hot days

A. True

B. Sometimes, but only when it’s really hot

C. False—I turn on the AC and my home cools right off

5. Certain rooms or areas are hotter/colder than others, you notice drafts, etc.

A. True

B. Sometimes true

C. False

6. When was the last time you replaced major appliances like your HVAC unit?

A. More than 10 years ago

B. Within the last 10 years

C. Within the last 5 years

7. When were the windows in your home installed?

A. Over 10 years ago

B. Within the last 5-10 years

C. Less than 5 years ago

Mostly A’s (15-21 points)

If you answered mostly ‘A’ it’s likely time for a Phoenix energy audit of your home or business. You have nothing to lose and a more energy efficient home to gain.

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Mostly B’s (10-14 points)

Just because your home isn’t showing extreme signs of energy loss doesn’t mean it’s in the clear. An energy auditor can detect small gaps, leaks, and inefficient appliances before losses get too far out of hand.

Mostly C’s (7-9 points)

Your home may be more energy efficient than most, but is it as energy efficient as it could be? You can’t know for sure unless you get a home energy audit.

What Happens During an Energy Audit?

Phoenix energy auditors use a variety of tools to uncover energy losses and inefficiencies. They examine HVAC systems and other appliances that could be causing spikes in utility bills. In addition, they can identify appliances in need of repairs or replacement before they shut down completely and leave you boiling hot mid-August.

Professionals utilize what’s known as a blower test to find leaks and small cracks throughout your home or building. Cracks and gaps are commonly found hidden near doors, fireplace dampers, attic hatches, baseboards, and electrical outlets.

Using a blower door, energy auditors can measure changes in air pressure and pinpoint leaks with a smoke pencil. Infrared cameras can also be used to find areas that require new or additional insulation. Additionally, a pressurized duct blaster is used to inspect ductwork for leaks, mold, pests, and other issues that can impact energy efficiency. Leaky or dirty ductwork causes your HVAC system to work double-time, shortening its life-span and ultimately costing you more money.

The best time to catch issues is early on before they have a chance to progress and become more noticeable.

The Benefits of a Phoenix Energy Audit

We are Arizona’s Full-Service Energy Solutions Company!

Serving the entire Phoenix Valley, AZ Insulation and Energy Solutions offer everything you need to run a more affordable and efficient home. We take care of everything, starting with an in-depth energy audit. Regardless if you need energy efficient windows, a new HVAC unit, or attic insulation, we stop at nothing to make your home or business run at peak efficiency.

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