Mini Split Installation

Here are a few main reasons builders and homeowners choose to install mini splits:

    • You don’t need existing ductwork. With a mini-split system, you can add air conditioning to your home without ductwork in place.

    • Affordability. Choosing a mini-split system is more affordable if you’re retrofitting your home or building from the ground up without ductwork. It also takes less time to install a mini-split system.

    • Heating capabilitiesMini split heat pumps are becoming increasingly more common. That means you can get both heating and cooling from the same system.

    • Versatility. Mini-split systems can be installed in a variety of orientations based on your home’s configuration. Floor-mount, ceiling-recessed and horizontal-ducted configurations are common.

    • Energy efficiency. Ductless systems don’t lose hot or cold air due to duct leakage. Most mini-split systems are approximately 20% to 30% more efficient on average.

Trouble spot room?

When it comes to heating or cooling, many homes have trouble spots: rooms that are always too hot or too cold. Installing a mini split system can eliminate those trouble spots and restore uncomfortable areas to a more comfortable temperature year round. Mini split units are the perfect solution for energy efficiency and comfort for your home!

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