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Blown Insulation

R-Value is a measurement used by insulation contractors to measure how well certain materials resist the flow of heat. The higher the number, the more effective your materials are. In Arizona, it’s recommended that homes have an attic insulation R-Value of 38 or higher in order to keep homes cool during the summer months but also warm enough during winters. If you’re uncertain about your current R-Value, give us a call for a free consultation. If you need to raise your R-Value we have the best prices guaranteed.

Attic Insulation Removal

If you need insulation removed instead of blown in, we’re the team for the job. Old material still retains its insulating properties after many years, but you may need to remove old attic insulation if it’s become moldy or you have an issue with rodents. Read more about attic insulation removal on our service page or give us a call with any questions - 480-662-2874.

Mini Split Installation

Even though we are one of the leading energy and insulation companies in Mesa, we do more than blown in insulation. Your house’s energy system also includes your HVAC system. If you have trouble heating or cooling certain rooms or areas in your house, you might want to look at installing a mini split system. Mini splits are ductless and only concentrate on cooling particular areas in your home. Our team of experts will be happy to talk with you about the available options and whether installing a mini split system makes sense for your situation.


Over the years we have noticed that most of our customers call us because they are uncomfortable in their home, or they have high utility bills. In an effort to more fully address our customers' needs we now offer solar. Solar is a great way to protect yourself against rising utility rates all while helping the environment.


Located in MESA, AZ

Welcome to AZ Insulation & Energy Solutions – thank you for visiting our website. We’ve been serving Mesa, Arizona and the surrounding region for more than 8 years and we’re committed to helping you stay cool and spend less on energy bills during our hot Arizona summers. If your home, office, or commercial space is in need of new insulation, give us a call today and speak with our knowledgeable and friendly team. As experts in energy conservation, we can pinpoint any problems and help you find the right solution. Call today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation for any of the following services:


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