AZ Insulation & Energy Solutions is offering rebates to qualifying SRP customers for attic insulation!

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Do I qualify for the insulation rebate?

Insulation Rebate

Save up to 75% on professionally installed attic insulation – up to $600 – with a rebate from SRP.

If your home qualifies, AZ Insulation will reduce the price of your project by the amount of the rebate.

Most homes that qualify for the insulation rebate end up ONLY paying between $300-$500 to insulate their attics!

SRP Insulation Program requirements

Here’s what’s required to qualify for an insulation rebate:
You must be a current SRP residential electric customer who lives in a single-family detached or attached home or an apartment or condo. New construction homes and mobile homes are not eligible.
This rebate applies only to attic insulation and is based on the improvement of the insulation’s R-value.
Existing insulation with an effective R-value
less than R-19 that is improved to R-38 is eligible.
Insulation greater than R-19 but performing under this value may qualify for a rebate to improve insulation up to R-38. Proof of underperformance (e.g., photos and thermal images) and an explanation must be provided with your rebate form.
Your insulation improvements must be made by a participating SRP Insulation program contractor who is BPI-certified and licensed in Arizona.
All materials and installation processes must meet BPI building analyst standards.

You might qualify for the Insulation Rebate if….?

• You can see the tops of the rafters when you look in your attic
• If you have fiberglass batt insulation in your attic.
• If there are spots in the attic that are missing insulation.
• If any of these apply to your attic, give us a call! 480.662.2874

Here are some examples of qualifying attics:

  • Next you can determine your insulation’s R-value by measuring how deep or thick the insulation is.
  • Then follow this Chart to see what your R-value is.
  • If you have R-38 to R-49 you are in great shape!
  • If you have R-19 – R-30 You could benefit from additional insulation.
  • If you have R-19 or less… YOU NEED INSULATION ASAP and you should qualify for the $600 rebate!